• A Band for Your Wedding

    A Band for Your Wedding

    When it comes to a band for your wedding (live music), the audition process is crucial.

    The focus points in finding a band are:

    • Audition the band at a live music event (if possible)
    • Ask the band leader if the personnel you see are the personnel you’ll get
    • Does the band know traditional wedding songs
    • Does the band also provide live music at your Cocktail Hour
    • How many breaks do they take or is the entire reception live music

    Too many times in an live music audition a Bride and Groom can be convinced that the band is right for them. But beware: Are you hearing the band at a bar, at a summer concert in the park, in a theater performing a show?

    This is where referrals become so important about a band. Many bands can put on a “good show”, but that’s not what’s important at your reception. Your reception is not a show. Your reception is a living, breathing “live” event that requires a bandleader of experience to orchestrate all the details including:

    • Announcing in the Bridal Party
    • Communicating with the room captain through the courses of the meal
    • Communicating the formalities to Photographers and Videographers
    • Orchestrating Parent dances
    • Orchestrating the Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss and Garter Toss.

    The band leader’s experience is key!

  • South Jersey and a Great Live Band

    South Jersey and a Great Live Band

    Of all the bands in South Jersey, a great live band would be The Kenny i Band. Kenny has been in the private party circuit since 1983 and has been called the best band in South Jersey by numerous fans over the years.

    The boardwalk in Atlantic City has been a focal point of Kenny i over the years with performances in every casino on the boardwalk and beyond. And, when it comes to a live band, Kenny’s showmanship and diversity are second to none.

    South Jersey is a completely different type of market than North Jersey. When performing in the South Jersey market, a different approach needs to be taken to an event regarding the music selected. The boardwalk in Atlantic City has such a “summertime” and “Jersey Shore” feel that Kenny likes to integrate into his performances a “shore feeling” to take people back to vacations at the Jersey Shore from their youth.

    Kenny’s appearances at The Steel Pier on the boardwalk in Atlantic City have always been exciting times, to perform on a Pier that has showcased the greatest bands of the last century!

    Look for The Kenny i Band on your next trip to South Jersey for the best live band in the area.

  • The Playlist for Your Live Band

    The Playlist for Your Live Band

    The playlist for your live band is the blueprint of your event . When it comes to a strong playlist, the questions that have to be considered are:

    • What are your favorite songs?
    • What playlist songs will create the best dance response?
    • What are your “do not plays” on your playlist?

    A good live band has the ability to “read and react” to an audience . Dance bands that have been performing for many years intuitively know what song to play next. The key is to watch the dance floor and react to the styles that generate the best response.

    If you “trust” the judgement of your bandleader, that their experience far surpasses yours, sometimes it’s best to “let go” a little so that they can do what they do best. Dance bands that do not have much experience are not worth you risking your event over, most probably because they were much less expensive than the experienced live band.

    Also, I mentioned above a “Do Not Play” list. Sometimes this list is more important to you than your playlist . Give it some serious thought. If your playlist has 50 songs on it, and your live band plays the one song you despise, it sours the event for you.

  • Music and Cover Bands for Your Event

    Music and Cover Bands for Your Event

    If music at your event is a “live” band, then cover bands are the best entity to engage.

    Music is the single most important element at your event (when structured as a dinner/dance). The old saying is: “The music makes or breaks the party”.

    Cover bands that have survived in the dance band circuit understand the importance of a strong variety of material and how to properly time it and present it through the evening, taking into account the courses of a meal served (or buffet service) and what songs to play as background music as well as what songs to play for dancing.

    People always enjoy dancing to songs they are familiar with, and this is why cover bands are your best dance band option.

    Be sure that your band has enough experience in the type of event you are putting together. I wouldn’t recommend putting a “Bar Band” at a society event just because they were “great fun last Saturday night”. Be selective, and be sure that the band is a good “fit” for your musical preferences and style of affair you are hosting.