• A Band for Your Wedding

    A Band for Your Wedding

    When it comes to a band for your wedding (live music), the audition process is crucial.

    The focus points in finding a band are:

    • Audition the band at a live music event (if possible)
    • Ask the band leader if the personnel you see are the personnel you’ll get
    • Does the band know traditional wedding songs
    • Does the band also provide live music at your Cocktail Hour
    • How many breaks do they take or is the entire reception live music

    Too many times in an live music audition a Bride and Groom can be convinced that the band is right for them. But beware: Are you hearing the band at a bar, at a summer concert in the park, in a theater performing a show?

    This is where referrals become so important about a band. Many bands can put on a “good show”, but that’s not what’s important at your reception. Your reception is not a show. Your reception is a living, breathing “live” event that requires a bandleader of experience to orchestrate all the details including:

    • Announcing in the Bridal Party
    • Communicating with the room captain through the courses of the meal
    • Communicating the formalities to Photographers and Videographers
    • Orchestrating Parent dances
    • Orchestrating the Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss and Garter Toss.

    The band leader’s experience is key!