• South Jersey and a Great Live Band

    South Jersey and a Great Live Band

    Of all the bands in South Jersey, a great live band would be The Kenny i Band. Kenny has been in the private party circuit since 1983 and has been called the best band in South Jersey by numerous fans over the years.

    The boardwalk in Atlantic City has been a focal point of Kenny i over the years with performances in every casino on the boardwalk and beyond. And, when it comes to a live band, Kenny’s showmanship and diversity are second to none.

    South Jersey is a completely different type of market than North Jersey. When performing in the South Jersey market, a different approach needs to be taken to an event regarding the music selected. The boardwalk in Atlantic City has such a “summertime” and “Jersey Shore” feel that Kenny likes to integrate into his performances a “shore feeling” to take people back to vacations at the Jersey Shore from their youth.

    Kenny’s appearances at The Steel Pier on the boardwalk in Atlantic City have always been exciting times, to perform on a Pier that has showcased the greatest bands of the last century!

    Look for The Kenny i Band on your next trip to South Jersey for the best live band in the area.