• The Playlist for Your Live Band

    The Playlist for Your Live Band

    The playlist for your live band is the blueprint of your event . When it comes to a strong playlist, the questions that have to be considered are:

    • What are your favorite songs?
    • What playlist songs will create the best dance response?
    • What are your “do not plays” on your playlist?

    A good live band has the ability to “read and react” to an audience . Dance bands that have been performing for many years intuitively know what song to play next. The key is to watch the dance floor and react to the styles that generate the best response.

    If you “trust” the judgement of your bandleader, that their experience far surpasses yours, sometimes it’s best to “let go” a little so that they can do what they do best. Dance bands that do not have much experience are not worth you risking your event over, most probably because they were much less expensive than the experienced live band.

    Also, I mentioned above a “Do Not Play” list. Sometimes this list is more important to you than your playlist . Give it some serious thought. If your playlist has 50 songs on it, and your live band plays the one song you despise, it sours the event for you.